we still have a few dates available for 2018, please contact us if you'd like to book us...


fri 19th jan, railway, Ipswich

sat 20th jan, George, hadleigh

sat 3rd feb, wagon, wix

fri 16th feb, black horse, ipswich

sat 17th march, bay horse, sudbury

fri 30th march, shamrock, ipswich

sat 14th april, railway, Ipswich

sat 26th may, George, hadleigh

fri 8th june, shamrock, ipswich

fri 22nd june, black horse, ipswich

fri 14th sept, black horse, ipswich

fri 26th oct, railway, ipswich

sat 24th nov, wagon, wix

sat 8th dec, bay horse, sudbury

fri 21st dec, black horse, ipswich

# if you'd like us to play your venue, contact us via the email provided and we'll be in touch... thanks #